Open Source .Net Web Scraper

Working example of program scraping prices from competitor’s websites to csv table. Was done for a customer, but he agreed to share this code with public. Gitlab repository How to run Install .Net Core Open console Move to root project directory, which contains .csproj file Type dotnet run

Unity Typewriter effect for Text

Here is pretty simple Unity MonoBehaviour script that can be used to give Text typewriter effect with blinking cursor at the end. In the middle there is commented line that can fix moving when typing if you use Align on Center option.

Unity AI Statemachine example

It is pretty simple and small realisation of statemachine for artifical intelligence in Unity based on MonoBehaviour Components to be able to set values for States in Inspector window. The Idle.cs is small example of working with Owner and States from inside of State.

Click 2 Hunt on progress to release

During last month I was developing brand new game. I never tried developing mobile arcades before. Actually, I think this is big step towards professional gamedev or earning money by gamedev. By the moment I write this article, game is fully working and most of the work is done. There are some issues with design […] games update

I uploaded my unpublished on games, like VLR or Homeland and Democracy, because I don’t want them to be lost with time in the Web. I also made v3 of my Homeland and Democracy game, which fixed many bugs. Game is now playable again. My profile

Unity | Smooth camera follow 2D

Camera with this small script will follow Target with gap depending on its speed. using System.Collections; using UnityEngine; public class SmoothFollow2D : MonoBehaviour { public Transform Target; public Vector3 Offset; public float Velocity; public float MinDistance; // Update is called once per frame void LateUpdate() { if (Target == null) { return; } var targetPos […]

Unity | Match BoxCollider2D to sprite size

Small script, which can be useful for objects that changes sprites with multiple resolutions and sizes. public static void MatchToSize(GameObject obj, BoxCollider2D collider = null, SpriteRenderer renderer = null) { collider = collider ?? obj.GetComponent(); renderer = renderer ?? obj.GetComponent(); Vector2 S = renderer.sprite.bounds.size; collider.size = S; collider.offset =; } UPD: Updated to support […]