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Nlbproject mistakes

Currently we are ready to start work on our new project and we decided to ask you: how DO you want to see our next game? If you want to help us then, please, fill out a special five-minute questionnaire for our games. Information from it will allow us to take into account the wishes of the audience WHEN creating our new game.

Вопрос из первого предложения - какой-то бред. В русском воспринимается нормально, но native speaker не поймет.

“The Adventurous Four” is a worthy < кто так решил?

sequel to our “Wild Island Quest” visual novel, which was published a few years ago. In this game-book you’ll have to go < меня заставят пистолетом?

on a journey full of dangers and adventures.

Дальше - лучше:

The main characters are all good friends < wut?

ready to overcome difficulties to save each other in this all-new < brand-new quest.

I graduated from the Institute of terminology and translation. Since then I prefer to watch movies < I’ve prefered

in English and German. When NLB project needed my help to localize its games for English speaking < English-speaking

segment of the market, I gladly agreed. It was new and interesting experience for me”

The others are coming:

А мы мягкие и пушистые:

The editor supports scripts for creating more complex stories. < сравнивать не с чем. просто complex

NLBB is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). < тут либо артикль убрать, либо само слово менять

you will investigate sprawling, far-reaching webs of intrigues and unmask the cunning evildoer who stands in your way.

И тут я охренел от передоза эпитетов

Can you tell a friend from a foe; < distinguish/divide

Conquer all those who oppose you < maybe “kill”?

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