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1 week ago
Check out new post on my blog. Story of NOT releasing Drop! game for long three months: https://t.co/gBTEQKy0xA #indiedev #indiegame
1 week ago
Gameplay capture from my latest development. Drop! game is going to be released in a few days on https://t.co/iNPWck6rVD. https://t.co/irzyO5CEft #gamedev #indiegame
2 weeks ago
True programmists:
✔ Men
✔ Women
✔ Frontenders
✔ Backenders
❌ Those, who you light editor theme
#gamedev #programming #webdev #frontend #backend
2 weeks ago
Simple advice, that always helps.
If your ass is telling you not to take this project - listen to it. In 99% of situations it's right.
#gamedev #indiedev #programmer #webdevelopment
2 weeks ago
It's quite interesting. Google PageSpeed says, that I don't have image optimization. However, I use Optimus from @KeyCDN on my siyr. It don't serve it's purpose correctly? https://t.co/NQ38KQJXHZ SneakBug8 photo