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Ravenfield review

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Today I saw interesting battle sim in and decided to play it. During one-hour test, I found this game pretty interesting to write article about it. So, let’s begin.

Game is like Battlefield with easier graphics and harder gameplay. I am serious. Controlling those characters is difficult. When your spawn point is attacked by all enemy’s forces — you will die in few seconds. But this game is better than Ancient Warfare 2.

AI is pretty handsome. It can play in team (if you are watching ally vehicle with empty seets — they will stop for you). But they are stupid in attacking and defending. If sniper’ll found good position for shooting — he can kill whole enemy formation, as they are simply walking in column. And you can kill allies. Without any penalties.

Vehicles are ruling on battlefield. I mostly played as sniper, shooting groups of people, but one helicopter can do more. But vehicles are spawning only on captured points. So more points -> more vehicles -> you’re winner. That works. In last video we were winning, but enemy suddenly captured 2/3 of our points and we lost because of more heavy tanks and helicopters on enemy side.

Now game passed Steam Greenlight. It is really good game, but Planetside 2 is better (in my opinion). Multiplayer battles would be really great. Or better AI for those cubic men.

All gameplay videos [thanks for good recorder by Xbox Live, Windows 10 is really good 🙂 ]:

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