What is Project Management

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Project Management: Evaluate, Design, Develop, Analyze

PMI defines project management as “the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver something of value to people.” In simple terms, project management means the process of leading a team to hit goals or complete deliverables within a set timeframe. Project management involves project documentation, planning, tracking, and communication in order to […]

P3.express – minimalistic Project Management framework

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P3 express is a minimalistic project management system created in June 2016 by two talented Belgian Project Managers and co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the EU.  The name P3 comes from People, Projects, and Products – main 3 words of every project. Main goals of P3 are to simplify and streamline Project Management. It’s motto […]

What documentation is essential for every project

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You want to document every project you’re working on. The question is – what is important enough to write it down. What are the artefacts you may want to create? I work every day on projects that last from less than a week up to a year. I’ve tried different approaches to documenting projects, and […]

Agile and Scrum for Project Management

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Agile Agile is a group of methods and tools that are used when it is impossible to make accurate estimates, stable plans, and predictions. Agile focuses on adaptive, iterative, and evolutionary approach. It helps with transformation, innovation and sustaining performance over time. Agile manifesto was created in software development sphere, but you can use it […]

Stakeholder Engagement

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Every project, you are working on, has several stakeholders: people being affected by the outcome of the project, or in a position to affect that outcome. To improve the chances of successful project completion, increase understanding of progress, prevent certain risks you need to engage with stakeholders. In this article, I will share how to […]

SMART technique for setting goals

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During everyday work, you may often face the need to set goals. These goals are usually related to projects, processes or career changes. In most cases, you won’t be alone working on a goal. SMART technique can help you share goals with other people and deliver them in time. The acronym SMART stands out for […]

Зачем нужна аналитика данных

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Аналитика данных, большие данные, data analysis – новомодные термины, которые сейчас можно услышать на каждом углу. Десятки курсов продаётся в рунете. Но мало кто рассказывает, зачем нужна аналитика данных. С этим-то и попробуем разобраться в этой статье. Данные (data) – фактологическая информация (числа, слова, измерения или статистика), используемая для используемые в процессе принятия решений, управления, […]

What is Natural Language Processing and what are its problems with different languages

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Natural language processing is a modern technology used in IT sphere to make applications and services that can work with various data (primarily text and voice data) in natural languages such as English, Spanish or Russian. But how does NLP work and what problems do companies face when developing NLP-powered apps and services? What is […]

The Newsroom show review

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How to make simple Mastodon bot

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Today we’re going to write simple Twitter-Mastodon exporter, which listens to tweets from one or several accounts and then publishes new tweets to Mastodon page. Project initialization Firstly, make new npm project: npm init npm i –save twitter mastodon I’ve decided to make this project in TS, so here’s our tsconfig.json: { “compilerOptions”: { “module”: […]

Saturday report #2 ✨

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I can’t believe I’m actually doing anything every week for the 4th time (including reports in russian). For me it was always difficult to repeat same the actions without getting inspiration boost each time I do it. This week I’ve transferred all of my public repos from GitLab to Github as my support for the […]

Saturday Report #1 ?

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Well. Okey. Let’s go. This week was quite upsetting, considering my recent visits to doctors. My health condition is quite bad and Russian free medicine is useless as hell, I don’t know why I keep paying taxes for this shit. Just small lyrical digression. What I’ve spent my last 168 hours on? Mostly on sleep. […]

All Albion Online terms

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Basics Fame – experience Silver – main currency of a game Gold – second currency. Used mainly for buying premium Premium – premium players receive 50% more fame and silver, don’t have taxes when trading on market and get daily focus points Market – primary way to buy items in game Taxes – when you […]

Simple dark HTML Template

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Small HTML template, which I designed to practice my design skills. It looks… well, not so bad, not so good. Feel free to use for any purpose. Github repository Demo

How NOT to release a game in three months

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Drop. Idea of this game came to me in the first days of April. I had no opened projects that time, so I immediately started creating it. The first commit is dated 2nd of April. Final gameplay prototype of the real game was ready by the 7th of April. Then I’ve started adding some social sh*t, […]

Voxel loot chest

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Loot chest with gold lining. Feel free to use in free or commercial products, leaving credits to me.

Login manager for GameSparks in Unity

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Here you can grab free GameSparks login manager for your Unity game. It automatically logins player to GameSparks by his Device ID and then changes the scene.

Open Source .Net Web Scraper

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Working example of program scraping prices from competitor’s websites to csv table. Was done for a customer, but he agreed to share this code with public. Gitlab repository How to run Install .Net Core Open console Move to root project directory, which contains .csproj file Type dotnet run

Free retro-style camera shader for Unity

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Small shader for Unity, which I use in my games for drawing minimap. Add the component script below to GameObject with Camera and assign Material with this shader to it.

Unity Typewriter effect for Text

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Here is pretty simple Unity MonoBehaviour script that can be used to give Text typewriter effect with blinking cursor at the end. In the middle there is commented line that can fix moving when typing if you use Align on Center option.