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📚 Rewired. The McKinsey guide to outcompeting in the age of digital and AI

Published by Pavel Nakonechnyy on in Business Analysis.
📚 Rewired. The McKinsey guide to outcompeting in the age of digital and AI

On June 20, McKinsey has released a new book. It was written by Eric Lamarr, Kate Smayer and Rodney W. Semmel.


Most companies have started a digital and AI transformation, but very few have done the fundamental organizational rewiring needed to build the capabilities to drive continuous innovation across the enterprise. After analyzing the results of 200 large-scale digital and AI transformations, McKinsey has found that long-term success comes when the C-suite fundamentally changes their talent, operating model, technology and data capabilities.

For the first time, Rewired translates the hard-won lessons McKinsey has learned helping companies deliver successful digital and AI transformations into a detailed “how to” manual. This playbook, which McKinsey has been developing and using with clients for the past six years, lays out exactly what it takes to build the capabilities to continually create great customer experiences, lower costs, and build value. It contains diagnostic assessments, operating model designs, best practices and detailed implementation methods, all exemplified with real-life case studies and illustrated with 100+ exhibits.

Business leaders will be digitally transforming their companies for the rest of their careers. Rewired is the reference manual they need for the journey.

For now, I’ve read a first couple of sections. The book opens with usual praise of digitalization:

Digital is constantly changing.

As long as tech continues to evolve, your business will need to evolve.

Digital and AI transformations are hard.

No company is a stranger to this struggle.

But authors swiftly move to practical artefacts needed by every manager or Business Analyst for digital transformation, such as McKinsey frameworks, process flows, technology architecture diagrams, workplans, how-to checklists, and team staffing models. This book is not for making strategies in the C-suite, but for leaders and practitioners.

I recommend the book for reading.

You can purchase the book at Amazon. For now, there’s no paperback version in stock. Digital Kindle version costs 24$.

Interview on the book: