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All Albion Online terms

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  • Fame – experience
  • Silver – main currency of a game
  • Gold – second currency. Used mainly for buying premium
  • Premium – premium players receive 50% more fame and silver, don’t have taxes when trading on market and get daily focus points
  • Market – primary way to buy items in game
  • Taxes – when you buy or sell on market the following taxes apply:
    • 6% for selling (directly or via sell order)
    • 1.5% for setting sell or buy order
  • Guild – the guys who help you getting fame and silver
  • Guild taxes – when you are in guild, you will automatically pay 0-100% guild taxes when picking up silver from mobs or players. Just pure silver, not items or from market.
  • Focus (focus points) – you spend them to get resource regain when crafting. Allows to reduce total cost of the item when crafting
  • Discord – the main way of voice comms in guilds


  • Solo Dungeon – those green portals, which connect to easy dungeons, suited for 1-3 players
  • Blue Dungeon – regular dungeon (portal or a gate), suited for groups 4+ players
  • HG (HellGate) – portals for 1v1/2v2 or 5v5 PvP in special dungeon. Read more


  • RZ (Red Zone) – zones on Royal Continent, where you lose all items when die
  • BZ (Black Zone) -zones, where everyone can kill anyone, losing all items on death


  • Arena – instanced PvP battles, where two teams of 5 players fight for victory. Loot isn’t dropped. You can join as a solo or as a group. First 3 victories per day give special rewards.
  • Expeditions – instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. You can go as a solo or as a group. First successful expedition per day gives special rewards. Somewhat unpopular amongst players. Read more
  • FF (Fame Farming) – clearing a lot of dungeons to get fame on your build
  • Ganking – killing other players, when they don’t wanna fight: ambushes in tunnels or catching ppl in the BZ
  • Diving – a group of highly experienced guys check dungeons willing to kill players, who are clearing them
  • ZvZ (Zerg vs Zerg) – Big open world fights with a lot of players from different guilds
  • GvG (Guild vs Guild) – 5v5 fights of best equipped players from two guilds for territory

Things you can to do get silver

  • Gathering – do it, when you have premium and a lot of free time to get to the T6 gathering at least. Until then it’s not profitable at all
  • Clearing dungeons – not so profitable, but gives a lot of fame
  • Ganking – you kill guy, whose build is worth 750k, when wearing 20k stuff – that’s ganking, bro. But you’ll die. A lot.
  • Crafting – still needs premium. But you can craft furniture and get easy money. That’s market bubble, bro.


Usually when ganking you’ll fight with T4.0-T4.2 stuff against well equipped guys. The main thing for ganking is CC and very fast damage in a first few seconds.

Good idea for ganking in the RZ are ambushes in choke points like tunnels. BZ ganking usually consists of finding other players and chasing them until killing.

  • What to bring for ganking:
    • Food (usually goat stew)
    • Poisons
  • High CC weapons:
    • Daggers: mainly claws
    • Quarterstaffs: mainly doublebladed
    • Frost staffs
    • Swords/Maces/Axes – worse
    • Other – useful only when ganking in big party


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