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Tiny Keep | Quick overview

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Tiny Keep | Quick overview

I bought this game few days ago during grand sale (-85%) and have played for nearly 4 hours.

I liked this game because of many reasons.

Firstly, it was cheap and i spend my free time just for 1.5$.

Secondly, game was pretty easy and interesting. At first, i disliked controls of character, but I got used to it. Now it is easy to run away from hordes of enemies.

Theese invasions…

Yes, this game is difficult. Many of you can dislike it because of permanent death. You need to start over and over every time you die. I tried to run throught 3rd level like 4 or 5 times because of terrible skeletons.

Let’s fire this dungeon.

Physics is… not very good, as I think. At end of each level, dungeon seems to be one big mountain of garbage and bodies.

Stop right there, criminal scum!

Well, you can release prisoners, who can become: – Your companion – Useless runner – Your Enemy

Companions are so stupid… they just attack everybody they see. Well, they are just meat. You can’t equip them weapons or translate to next level. So, be happy with some help.

Let’s stop on this… because… I don’t have anything to say about small indie game, bought for 1.5$.

Sure, not small